Drying clothes tips during monsoon in apartments in Atlanta

With the wet rainy weather is has become very difficult to wash and dry clothes. Those living in small apartments in Atlanta without a sperate laundry room it becomes very challenging for them. Balconies cannot be used because the rains splashes come in and therefore the only options you have you dry clothes in the sitting room or living room.

Allow all the water to drip down- if you do not have those high-end washer machines and dryers, then after washing hang them so that the water dips away and you can them hang it from the side.

For shirts, dresses, and tops the best way to dry them in by hanging them from the hanger. Using hangers help in drying of clothes faster and easier. After putting those on the hanger put the hook on the rope. Since they are spread out, the clothes will dry faster.

Keep the moisture content in the room lesser. Natural ways are to placing sea salt or eating salt whatever is available so that they can absorb all the moisture in the air which prevents your clothes from drying in apartments in Atlanta. These salts also prevent fungus growth in the homes which are seen in the monsoon season.

Clothes which do not dry up properly have a mushy smell. To get rid of the smell use strongly perfumes detergent powders. When drying, add some incense sticks in the room. This makes the room smell fresh, and the clothes too absorb the fresh smell.

Those with automatic or semi-automatic and even smart washing machines they can use the dryer to dry the clothes. Drying them twice in the tumbler makes them dry faster.

While these are some to-do guidelines for taking care during washing of clothes, there are certain things which you should not do. Among them is do not soak thick garments during this season. Jeans and coats should be put back safely in the cupboard, and you must instead wait for the sun to come out before you plan to wash them.  Blankets, bed sheets, curtains should also count in this. Save them for the sunny days.

On days when the sky is a bit clear put your clothes outside even if they are dry. Drying clothes outside allows the UV rays to reach them. UV rays are natural disinfectants. Drying it outside helps to get rid of the smell too.