How To Style 4C Hair With No Heat Or Tools

When Lupita Nyong’o steps onto the red carpet, no matter if it’s an award show or small event, you can count on her delivering a head to toe lewk. Always. Granted, she’s absolutely gorgeous, but she also has a solid dream team behind most of the looks that we’re constantly saving to our camera roll: celebrity hairstylist Vernon François and makeup artist Nick Barose. With two pros like these, you’d think that the kits involved would be of massive proportions. But it turns out, that’s not always the case. In fact, Nyong’o’s pompadour from the 2018 Screen Actors’ Guild Awards was done using no tools at all — a look that enhanced her healthy flush even further.


Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.

Nyong’o, one of the few stars to wear her natural hair on the carpet last night, showed off her texture and tapered haircut with a dramatic side quiff. To start, François saturated her hair with his own Leave-In Conditioner, then used his Scalp Nourish-Ment Braids and Locs Spray on her roots. To get that shape, he didn’t need to manipulate her hair with hot tools or a blowdryer — just his own two hands and a few U-pins for hold.

When it comes to her makeup — because we know that’s your next question — Barose says it’s all about blush placement. After applying Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Custom Glow Drops in Bronze Glow on her cheekbones, he swept the brand’s Blush Subtil in Shimmer Petite Pomegranate over top — but not until she was practically waking out the door. "Always start with as little blush as possible without brightening up the cheeks right away," the artist shared in an Instagram. "I always decide later how much blush I want once I see the final look with the accessories and everything, this way you can be sure it’s not too much blush."

We’ve reached out to François for more on the above look and will update the post once we hear back.


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Using Trends To Analyze The Newport News, VA Housing Market

If you have been paying attention, you most likely have noticed that the real estate market has ups and downs that tend to occur in cycles. You can use these trends to analyze the Newport News, VA housing market to decide when to buy or sell a home.

After a housing market crash, there is a period of recovery. During this time, construction companies take full advantage of all of the new buyers entering the market, developing properties at a breakneck pace. Because there is still a lot of demand for these homes, the prices for houses continues to rise.

Eventually, however, the supply of homes outpaces the demand. New houses that are being built may sit empty for a long period of time without finding buyers. At the same time, interest rates usually will go up, making it harder for developers to borrow money. Although this stops new buildings from being built, it doesn’t do anything about the projects that were already underway. As a result, even more new homes flood the market as existing construction projects are finished.

Eventually, there are far more houses on the market than there are buyers. At this point, the housing market usually experiences a downturn, with property values falling. In some cases, the downturn is more like a crash, with property values plummeting practically overnight. Eventually, the process starts all over again.

Once you understand the real estate cycle, you can start watching for trends. For instance, if you are evaluating Newport News, VA real estate, keep an eye on how long properties are staying on the market. If most properties are getting snapped up right away, the market is most likely booming. On the other hand, if properties are sitting empty for a long period of time or if you notice a lot of new foreclosures hitting the market, it could be a sign that things are taking a turn for the worse.