Are You Ready To Explore The Exciting Newport News Today?

If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your day, you are in the right city! Newport News is one of the most exciting and lively cities on the east coast. With so much to see and do it can be difficult to choose where to start first. We decided to give you the upper hand today and share three of our three favorite local destinations in the area. You can spread them out over the weekend or if you are a true go-getter, tackle them all in one day!

One of our favorite local destinations in the area is the Virginia Living Museum. This is the perfect place to spend the day or a few hours, depending on the length of your stay. We suggest a full day here, so you do not feel rushed. This museum tends to look and feel more like a zoo, which is one of the reasons it is going to be a favorite destination for the kids. However, you will find much more here than at a typical zoo. This is actually more like an aquarium, zoo, and museum all crushed together for the ultimate impact.

When most people tend to think of this area, thoughts of Virginia Beach come to mind. However, if you are not in the mood for the crowds or the drive take the quick drive over to Huntington Park Beach. This is a small beach along the James River and is quite nice for families. There is plenty of run for swimming, playing, picnicking, even a game of volleyball. However, on hot days, this beach will get quite crowded and there is always the issue of water quality. So be sure to check with local sites before making the drive over.

Finally, a personal favorite of mine is the Noland Trail. This is a great trail to come to for a long walk with just your thoughts, a fun day with the kids, or a quick run with the family dog. If you are in the area on business or vacation, it is great to come out and enjoy the great outdoors. This is a well-maintained trail that is easy for just about everyone to enjoy.

Whether you choose to spend your time at the beach., the woods, or the Virginia Living Museum, you are going to have a great time. It is best to split your time up at a few spots to get a more eclectic day!